20 Hot Fashion Trends for Summer

Xiomara X

The summer is full of wonderful things. It’s hot. There are gorgeous sunsets. Weddings and outdoor parties are popular. There’s also the beach with its fresh-squeezed limeade, and plenty of ice cream.

Fashion-wise, summer is the season to wear less clothing than at any other time. It doesn’t have to mean you give up on your own style.

Look at these summer trends to find out how you can look cool and stylish in the heat of summer.

Enjoy a relaxing time in a floral-printed romper

Relax in a floral romper/via

You can look super feminine by wearing a floral romper instead of a dress. It will make you look so lovely—effortlessly.

Get a T-shirt dress

Get a T-shirt dress
Get a T-shirt dress/via

Want a casual dress? This T shirt dress is perfect. Wear it by itself or with jeans (or jean-shorts).

Jeans with a cami

Jeans and a cami
Jeans and cami/via

You can update your look with silk camis, even if you don’t have much money. It’s perfect with jeans!

Night shirt with shorts for daytime

Nighttime shirt with daytime shorts
Nightshirt with daytime shorts/via

This look is spectacular in an unexpected way. You’ll be summer-ready for a date, or dinner with friends. The grey and silver colors will sparkle in the daylight and glisten at night.

You’re a great date

Great for a date
You’re a great date/via

We love this look for date night. It’s sweet and romantic. It’s perfect for any age.

Grunge chic

Grunge chic
Grunge chic/via

You already have some outfits in your wardrobe. Just do some upcycling. You can make a summer outfit by cutting a few holes in an old pair of skinny jeans and pairing it with a tank top and messy bun.

Boho top

Boho top
Boho top/via

This shirt is a great example of a boho style shirt you can continue to wear even after trends pass.

V-neck shift dress

V-neck shift dress
V-neck shift dress/via

The dress itself is an attention grabber. But what really takes it to a whole ‘nother level is the color. It’s so beautiful that you just want to run along the beach.

Lounge in your lounge pants

Lay back in some lounge pants
Relax in some lounge pants/via

Do you place a high priority on comfort? Invest in lounge pants if you are one of those people. You can still feel cool and look sexy if you pair it with a tank, halter or other top.

A chiffon maxi skirt

A chiffon maxi skirt
A chiffon maxi skirt/via

Maxi skirts make a beautiful addition to the wardrobe of any woman. For a skirt that’s perfect for the summer, choose one made of organic cotton. You can also choose pastel colors.

Pair a bright color with a neutral

Pair a bold color with a neutral one
Pair a color that is bold with one that is neutral/via

Who wouldn’t want this outfit to go to an outdoor party? What makes this outfit really stand out are the neutral shoes and bag. Oh, and that statement necklace!

Bright white

Bright in white
Bright in White/via

You probably already have a black little dress in your wardrobe. Add a white dress to the mix.

Lace over solid tank

A lace tank
A lace tank/via

Are you tired of your solid tanks that are just plain? Don’t throw them out if you are. Find a lace tank that you can use to cover the one you have. You’ll never see cotton tanks in the same light again.

Invest in yellow jeans

Invest in some yellow jeans
Yellow jeans are a great investment.via

When it’s time for a new pair, resist the temptation to purchase more blue jeans. Opt for yellow jeans, one of the latest trends. Yellow will make you smile just by looking at the picture.

Hot pants in a cool design

Hot pants with a cool print
Hot pants in a cool design/via

Have you got the body to wear hot pants? You’ll have plenty of reasons to get a new pair if you do. But avoid solid colors. They are more attractive when they have a cool pattern.

Floral pants and a plain top

Floral pants with a plain tank
Floral pants and a plain top/via

Floral pants are a trend that seems to be sticking around for quite some time. You can wear them with a silk shirt, cotton tank top or T-shirt. You can even find floral-print pumps.

The tank is tulle

A tank with some tulle
Tank with tulle/via

The tulle skirt is one of the most popular summer trends. The tulle skirt looks delicate and lovely. And with the white (tank) and silver (heels) against the blue…it looks just like how summer feels: refreshing.

Perfect jumpsuit

Perfect jumpsuit
Perfect jumpsuit/via

Get a jumpsuit if you don’t already have one. It is one of best outfits that can fit any woman. And depending on what accessories you choose, the look can be casual or dressy.

Wearing a Kimono in a fun way

A fun way to wear a kimono
Wearing a kimono is fun.via

You may spend many hours at the beach, but don’t want to always wear a bathing suit. Add a sheer kimono to a tank top, denim shorts, and a colorful sheer kimono. This is sexy but not overdone.

Boho with an Edge

Boho with an edge
Boho with an Edgevia

It’s a must-have. The cut of the romper is what we call “Boho With An Edge”. It’s another great option for a date. You will be memorable for sure!

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