You can try these 20 hot and stylish summer nail designs

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Summer is the perfect time for women to experiment with bright colors and pastels. On your nails, you can try out some bright colors and patterns. Fresh and simple nail designs can also keep you calm during hot days.

We have compiled a list of 20 trendy nail designs for summer. Take your time to get inspired and choose the nails that you like. Scroll down to find your favorites. Enjoy.

Bright Nail Designs for Summer

Bright Nail Design for the Summer /via Instagram/nailsbymztina

With the gold studs, and irregular patterns, these nails are quite stylish. Young women can try it.

Chic Summer Nail Design

Chic Summer Nail art /via Instagram/ just1nail

This simple but stylish nail design is perfect for beginners.

Fashionable Green and yellow Nail Art

Justagirlandhernails/Instagram/Fashionable Green and yellow Nail Art

Matte nails are a fad. You will see that your nails look more beautiful when you apply the nail polishes in bright colors.

Colorful Beach Nail Design

Colorful Beach Nail Design /via

You can create a colorful manicure for the beach. You can add some fun to your nails with these vibrant and saturated colors.

Pastel Sequined Nai for Summer

Pastel Sequined Design Nail for Summer /via instagram / bdettenails

Add some sequins to pastel nails and they will look even more beautiful. The pink sequins and blue base are a visual treat.

Enjoy Beautiful Summer Nail Designs

Pretty Nail Designs for Summer/via

Nail polishes in blue, mint and purle can be used to create beautiful nail designs. This design is elegant and chic. This design is suitable for women of any age.

Ombre Summer Nail Design

Ombre Summer Nail Designs /via Instagram/nailtrail

This ombre manicure will look great on young women. All these warm colours will make your summer full of passion.

Lovely Lemon Nail Designs

Lovely Lemon Nail Designs /via Instagram/just1nail

Fruit is a must for a summer full of fun. Why not paint your favorite fruits on your nails?

Cute Watermelon Nail Design

Cute Watermelon Nail Design (via Instagram) / justagirlandhernails

The matte watermelon nail design is stunning with its pastel pinks and mints. It’s even more adorable with the one watermelon-shaped nail. This is a great nail design for women who love to be pretty.

Adorable Summer Nail Design

Adorable Summer Nail Design /via

You can make your nails more interesting by painting some cartoons. All three are symbols of summer: the lemon, the popsicle or sun. It’s adorable and very creative.

Lovely Cartoon Nail Designs

Lovely Cartoon Nail Designs /via

This nail design is so innocent and beautiful! The cute shark and personified pineapple trees  and fruit make this manicure a super cute choice for young girls.

Cute Pineapple Nail Design

Cute Pineapple Nail Design /via

This pretty yellow nail design is perfect for those who prefer a simpler style. This nail art can be easily made at home, and looks amazing on all beautiful women.

Pretty Daisy Nail Designs for Summer

Pretty Daisy Nail Designs for Summer/via

This blue nail art looks lovely when paired with white daisies. Light and elegant colors can help calm down your impatience on hot days.

Pretty Pastel Nails for Summer

Pretty Pastel Nails for Summer/via

Paint your nails in more patterns to make the manicure fashionable. Dots and sequins add a chic touch to your nails.

Milky Orange Nail Art

Milky Orange Nail Art /via Instagram/ PaulinasPassions

The milky-orange nail polish is quite stylish when paired with gold ornaments. Moreover, matte coffee nails make the entire look more elegant and appealing for fashionistas.

Floral Summer Nail Art

Floral Summer Nail Designs /via Instagram/just1nail

Many women are fond of floral patterns. The flowers may be a little complicated, but they’re so pretty. This nail design features a nail that is painted with sequins. It’s perfect for any special occasion.

Floral Nail Art Designs

Floral Nail Design /via

This floral manicure is stunning. This nail design is more suitable for mature women. Use brighter nail polishes for a youthful manicure.

Interesting Sunglasses Nail Design

Interesting Sunglasses Nail Design /via

In summer, women wear sunglasses. It’s a good idea to paint on your favorite accessories. You can add some cute sunglasses to your nails, for example. Do you agree?

Beautiful Sea and Beach Nail Designs

Beautiful Sea and beach Nail Designvia

This manicure is a fantastic sea theme. The golden sands, white waves, and blue skies make it a stunning sea-themed manicure. This cute crab also adds to the fun of this nail design. This nail design is perfect for any woman to try.

Nail Art for Summer: A Stylish Design

Nail Stylish Summer Nail Art /via Instagram

The two black nails give this summer nail design a mysterious look. The black feathers and glitter nails make this summer design even more stylish.


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