Women should have 20 hair accessories.

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Fashion is full of accessories, from head-to-toe. This means that whether your hair is short, medium-length or super long, there are all sorts of items that you can put into your tresses to “dress them up”—just a bit.

If you are planning to go shopping this weekend, perhaps for a new pair of shoes or purse, think about picking up some of these hair accessories as well. They’re cute, their cheap and they can make any hairstyle look…that much better!

1. Satin Bow Ponytail Holder

Satin bow ponytail holdersvia

These ponytail holders may remind you of the ones you wore as a girl. When you want to look younger, these ponytail holders will certainly help.

2. Pearl bobby Pins

Pearl bobby pins
Pearl bobby Pinsvia

If you are attending a wedding, or simply want to add a touch of formality to your hairstyle, then try using pearl bobbypins. These are simple to add and sophisticated.

3. Metal ponytail ties

Metal ponytail ties
Metal ponytail ties/via

A braided ponytail can be styled in a few simple ways. Use a metal hair tie to secure your ponytail at the top as well as the bottom.

4. Knitted headband

Knit headband
Knitted headbandvia

A knit headband, such as this one, will not only look great on you but also keep your ears toasty warm in the winter.

5. Feather hair clips

Feather hair clip
Feather hair clipsvia

Feathers have become very popular right now, so why not grab a few feather hair clips. If you cannot find them in stores, YouTube has tutorials on how to make your own.

6. Boho chic headband

Boho chic headband
Boho Chic Headbandvia

Bohemian style is another hot trend. Whether you use real or faux flowers, this headband style will make your look feminine and romantic.

7. Floral barrettes

Floral barrettes
Floral barrettes/via

When you wear a maxi-dress or skirt, add a couple floral barrettes to your hair.

8. Peacock feathers

Peacock feathers
Peacock feathers/via

Feathers are on trend. Look for peacock feather hair accessories if you’d like to wear something that represents purity, integrity, and guidance.

9. Vintage headband

Vintage headband
Vintage headbandvia

A vintage headband—especially one with beads, pearls or rhinestones—is another beautiful way to complete a formal wear look.

10. Floral hair clips

Floral hair clips
Floral hair clips/via

Got an outdoor summer date coming up? You will look so fresh and sweet with a large floral hair clip such as this.

11. Hair chain headband

Hair chain headband
Hair chain headband/via

It’s a wonderful addition for women with long hair. It looks like gold and silver are coming straight from her head. It’s awesome.

12. Silver hairpin

Silver hair pin
Silver hairpinvia

A silver hairpin can be used as a quick and easy way to hold your hair back.

13. Tortoiseshell barrette

Tortoise shell barrette
Tortoiseshell barrettevia

Tortoise shell hair barrette would be a classic out of all the accessories mentioned. It’s a classic!

14. Beret


Berets are also considered hair accessories and this is one of the most popular ones. Every time you wear this beret, you’ll look French.

15. Straw fedora

Straw fedora
Straw fedoravia

You can wear a straw fedora to keep your hair from frizzing in the summer. You can wear a straw fedora to keep your hair from frizzing up in the summer.

16. Horse hair barrettes

Horse hair barrettes
Horse hair barrettes/via

These are pretty unique and, yes, they’re quite popular. The barrettes are made of horsehair.

17. Hair scarves

Hair scarves
Hair scarves/via

You can use a scarf to add color and personality to any hairstyle, whether you choose to leave your hair down or pull some of it back.

18. Jeweled hair combs

Jeweled hair combs
Jeweled hair combs/via

When you wear a half-updo you can accent it with a jewelled haircomb such as this one.

19. Crochet slouch hat

Crochet slouch hat
Crochet slouch hat/via

A crotchet slouch cap will keep you warm and stylish when it is freezing outside.

20. Big floppy hat

Big floppy hat
Big floppy hat/via

A big floppy cap is the hat you can wear with any outfit, and in every season. This is a hair accessory you can use for many years. Do not hesitate to purchase one. Soon!

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