20 Fall Makeup Trends You’ll Love

Xiomara X

You’re the type of girl that can’t get enough make-up. If you are like most girls, your bathroom drawer is probably filled with all sorts of cosmetics.

You should start by throwing out any makeup that you have had for over a year. This includes lip gloss and eyeshadow. Your skin can be damaged by old make-up!

Check out these fall makeup trends before buying any new products. You’ll be able to know what makeup you need for the winter and fall seasons.


Super smoky eyes

Super smoky/via

The smoky-eyed look. The smoky eye is a look that can be worn day or night, but works best for formal or romantic events. Add a little silver glitter to your eyes if you really want them to stand out. You’ll be the center of attention if you use silver glitter.

Iridescent lips

Iridescent lips
Iridescent lips/via

Lips with iridescent effects are very trendy. It’s all about mixing a few colors. You can choose a “rainbow” look like this or use some eyeshadow and gloss.

Dark lips

Deep and dark lips
Deep and dark lipsvia

Many people call lips like this “vampire lips”. We like to say “sexy”! In fact, the darker the better.

‘Barely there’ make-up face

'Barely there' make-up face
‘Barely there’ make-up face/via

You’ll love this trend if you live by the “less-is-more” philosophy. For the fall fashion collection, many runway models were wearing little or no makeup.

Orange lipstick

Orange lipstick
Orange lipstickvia

Orange is a color that represents creativity, happiness and enthusiasm. You can make a big statement without saying a single word if you place it on your lip.

Smoky blue eyeshadow

Smoky blue eyeshadow
Smoky blue eyeshadow/via

We’ve already covered how to make a smokey eye. Many makeup artists say that blue eyeshadow is the best.

Attention to the ‘lower lids’

Attention to the 'lower lids'
Attention to the ‘lower lids’/via

Another big trend this year is using eyeliner—on the lower lids only. Even better, if it smudges just a little, it creates this cool, grunge-like effect.

A light ‘made-up’ tan

A light 'made-up' tan
A light ‘made-up’ tan/via

In the fall, you won’t be able get a much tan. With the aid of bronzer you can create your own sun-kissed look.

There are plenty of mascaras

Plenty of mascara
There are plenty of mascaras/via

Mascara should be something that no woman leaves the house without. This fall, one coat will not be enough. Instead, opt for two or three coats.

Sheer lip gloss

Sheer lip gloss
Sheer lip gloss/via

Another thing you can do is to use sheer lip gloss. This is the perfect complement to a smoky-eyed look.

Silver mascara

Silver mascara
Silver Mascaravia

Check out how beautiful this eye is. This makes you want go out and play in the winter snow before anyone arrives. You can achieve this effect by applying a small amount of silver mascara.

A ‘glossy’ look

A 'glossy' look
A ‘glossy’ look/via

Lip gloss makes your lips look like this. How about gloss on your eyes? Vaseline. Yep. You can look this sexy in no time.

Purple eyeliner

Purple eyeliner
Purple eyelinervia

You can experiment with eyeliner in purple if you enjoy trying out new colors. You might be surprised how quickly it becomes your favorite.

Peach blush

Peach blush
Peach blush/via

The cheeks are lightly blushed. This season? Make it more deliberate. It’s actually hot when your cheeks look like they just came in from a cold weather.

Red Lips

Red lips
Red Lipsvia

There’s no way that red lips will ever go out of style. If it’s the right time to buy a new tube of lipstick, stock up on as many as you can.

Glittering eyeshadow

Glittering eyeshadow
Glittering eyeshadowvia

Glittering eyeshade is festive. This is the best way to “dress your face up” for a formal occasion.

Full eyebrows

Full eyebrows
Full eyebrows/via

Even eyebrows are subject to trends. This year full eyebrows are making a comeback. Don’t wax or tease your eyebrows too much. Keep them well-groomed and remove all stray hairs.

Eyeliner with a graphic design

Graphic eyeliner
Eyeliner for graphic eyelinervia

This is the perfect time to try something new with your eyeliner. There is no such thing as a thin or thick line. It’s your call. (Really!)

Bronze eyeshadow

Bronze eyeshadow
Bronze eyeshadow/via

Bronze is a wonderful color that will brighten up your eyes. Bronze is a great color for after work or at work.

Cat eyes

Cat eyes
Cat eyes/via

The cat-eye sunglasses are the latest trend in eyewear. With cat eyes under, you’ll create “double drama”.

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