The 20 Steps to Smokey Eye Makeup for Beginners

Xiomara X

It’s essential that you can create a smokey look quickly and with different colors. In this post, we’ve collected some of our favourite smokey eyes to show you how you can create a smokey look quickly and easily.


In this post, you will learn how to do a smokey eye for blue eyes, brown eyes and brown eyes, enjoy.

How to Make Smokey Eyes: Step by Step Tutorial for Gold and Brown Smokey Eyes

Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials


We start the collection with this sultry and glamorous smokey-eye that has us swooning. Start with a brown liner along the bottom lashline, and then apply black eyeliner to the waterline. Blend a brown shadow from the outer corner towards the center of the eyes. Finish with a gold eyeshadow blended from the inner to the central corner.

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