Maxi skirts in 20 different ways

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You can ask any fashion expert what they think is an essential in a woman’s wardrobe and it’s likely that they’ll mention a maxi-skirt. It’s long. It’s feminine. Any body type can wear it. You can also dress it up in a few seconds.

Don’t throw away your old shirts just because you can’t think of a new way to wear them. These looks are worth a try. Your maxi skirt will never be the same again.

1. Maxi skirt and cardigan

Maxi skirt and cardiganvia

When the weather cools down, you can wear your maxi skirt with a cardigan. You can wear it with a cardigan or even a shirt underneath.

2. Maxi skirts and big hats

Maxi skirt and a big hat
Maxi skirt with a big hat/via

Here’s another way to wear a maxi in the winter or fall. It’s all about layering. Layer it.

3. Maxi skirt and off-shoulder top

Maxi skirt and off shoulder top
Maxi skirt with off shoulder topvia

A maxi skirt is perfect for a day on the beach. Make sure it is made of organic cotton or a material that is super lightweight. It should also have a slit on the front, side, or back.

4. Maxi skirt with long cashmere jacket

Maxi skirt and long cashmere coat
Maxi skirt with long Cashmere Coat/via

Wearing a maxi-skirt to work is an extremely stylish option for winter. You only need a turtleneck, a cashmere long coat and some boots.

5. Maxi skirt with belt, jacket and blazer

Maxi skirt, blazer and belt
Maxi skirt with blazer, belt and belt/via

No need to worry if you are worried that the maxi skirt will take away some of your definition. Put on a belt, and then a tailored jacket. Problem solved.

6. Maxi skirt and tanktop

Maxi skirt and tank top
Maxi skirt and tanktopvia

A maxi skirt is the perfect way to dress on a hot summer day. You only need a tank top and sandals.

7. Maxi skirt with combat boots

Maxi skirt and combat boots
Maxi skirt and combat boot/via

Another great way to wear a maxi-skirt, especially if your style isn’t “super girlie”. Rock out in some combat or cowboy boots. Tip: Make sure you are wearing a maxi skirt with slits. If you don’t, your boots may get caught in the skirt.

8. Maxi skirt and Poncho

Maxi skirt and poncho
Maxi skirt with poncho/via

You may initially think “A maxi-skirt and a poncho?” We understand if you think “That sounds like overkill”. It’s important to wear a poncho which is not too large and to then tie a belt to your waist. This is what ties everything together and makes this combo so effective.

9. Maxi skirt crop top

Maxi skirt and crop top
Maxi skirt with crop topvia

Wearing a maxi skirt over a crop top will hide your tummy bulge. The skirt will hide the belly part you don’t want anyone to see. You can still show some skin on your tummy.

10. Maxi skirt with sweater

Maxi skirt and sweater
Maxi skirt and sweatervia

You can wear a sheer skirt in the snow. You’ll just need some opaque tights or leggings and a pair boots to wear underneath. Also, don’t miss out on wearing a sweater similar to this one.

11. Maxi skirt and headband

Maxi skirt and headband
Maxi skirt with headbandvia

Accessorizing an item of clothing can be a great way to make it work for you. The headband is a great way to go. This is a simple and quick way to look bohemian.

12. Maxi skirt with sequin jacket

Maxi skirt and sequin jacket
Maxi skirt and sequin Jacketvia

Want to dress up a maxi skirt? You can easily dress up your maxi skirt with a sequin top, or even a jacket.

13. Maxi skirt with graphic tank

Maxi skirt and graphic tank
Maxi skirt with graphic tank/via

This is an urban look. If you’re wearing a maxi, a tank top or T-shirt with a message on it will add an extra touch of edge.

14. Maxi skirt and canvas shoes

Maxi skirt and canvas sneakers
Maxi skirt and canvas sneakersvia

This is a great way to wear a skirt. Put on a pair canvas sneakers.

15. Turtleneck and Maxi skirt

Maxi skirt and turtleneck
Maxi skirt with turtleneckvia

Another warm way to wear a maxi skirt. Wear a fitted turtleneck, or a sheer one. Instead of flats, wear a pair high-heeled boots. You’re right.

16. Maxi skirt and Jean shirt


Maxi skirt and jean shirt
Maxi skirt with jeans shirt/via

You can wear your maxi-skirt all year round. Jean shirts work well as a layering piece.

17. Maxi skirt with lace-up top

Maxi skirt and lace top
Maxi skirt and Lace Topvia

You’re planning a wedding? You can wear a maxi skirt. You can wear a lace-trimmed top, like this.

18. Maxi skirt and leather jacket

Maxi skirt and leather jacket
Maxi skirt with leather jacketvia

A leather jacket is a great way to update your maxi skirt.

19. Maxi skirt and cardigan

Maxi skirt and cardigan
Maxi skirt and cardiganvia

Cardigans are always lovely with maxi skirts. Try to make sure the cardigan does not match the color (or print) of the skirt. It could make you appear a bit “blocky”.

20. Maxi skirts and Bustiers

Maxi skirt and bustier
Maxi skirt with bustiervia

There’s also the REALLY (REALLY ) sexy option for wearing a skirt. You’ll look great in this if you have a date planned.

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