20 Casual Winter Outfit Ideas – Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

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Winter is a time when we are all forced to work the same amount as other times of the year. It is worth it to spend extra time in traffic and scrape your car’s windows due to bad weather. The holiday period!

Here are some cute and casual outfits to wear while you do your holiday shopping or spend time with family and friends. wintertime outfits This will keep you warm and stylish.

1. Animal print bag and cable knit vest

Cable knit vest with animal print bagvia

You probably already know that jeans Go with everything. You can buy an animal-print bag and a cable-knit vest at the store if you already own a long sleeved tee and boots. As far as bags are concerned, they do not have to match. The bags are enough to make an impression.

2. Cable knit turtleneck mini skirt

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Cable knit turtleneck with mini skirtvia

While you’re looking for a cable-knit vest, grab a sweater. You can pair it with the mini skirt you already have in your closet. Did we mention “?mini skirt“? Yep. You can wear opaque leggings underneath to keep you warm. You could also wear ankle boots instead of long ones.

3. Brown and taupe animal print scarf

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Brown and taupe with an animal print scarfvia

Do you like to dress up a lot? We’re fine with you if you prefer a dressy-casual approach. The color combination of brown and taupe looks great on almost every skin tone. It’s warm and feminine, as you can see. In this case, it’s best to avoid “matchy-matchy”. Taupe is a neutral color that allows you to play with all colors.

4. Button-down shirt, cable-knit cardigan and riding boot

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Button-down shirt, cable knit sweater and riding bootsvia

Back in the day, when leggings became popular, you likely bought a minimum of half a dozen. If you own a long cardigan and a buttoned down shirt, you only need your riding boots to go on a morning walk or before the sun goes down.

5. Hoodie leather accessories

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Hoodie with leather details/via

Plan to ski during your vacation? This outfit is perfect for a trip. You can save space by layering a long-sleeved shirt under a hoodie. Leather accessories can make you look older than if your shoes were tennis.

6. Apricot sweaters with brown accessories

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Apricot sweater in brown with brown accessoriesvia

Even though neutral colors are often the most popular during the winter, you can still enjoy brighter shades. This apricot colored sweater is a great example. It looks amazing with brown accessories It is possible that you already have it.

7. The plaid tote, sweater and tank

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Sweater with tank and plaid tote/via

Women often struggle with finding clothing that is warm enough to wear outside but not so hot that they sweat excessively indoors. Here’s one awesome solution! You can protect yourself from the winter chill by wearing a sweater over your tank top. You can remove your sweater if you have the thermostat set high. Please don’t miss out on a plaid bag like the one shown in the picture. Plaids are so in right now!)

8. All black with just a little color

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
All black with just a touch or color/via

When it comes to trends this winter, on that is making quite a buzz is black—from head to toe. The look is sophisticated, for sure. If you want to add some color, you can do so with a scarf and jewelry.

9. Large sweater with shades

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Large sweater with sunglassesvia

This is another way of wearing all-black clothing. This photo was included because there is a common misconception that winter means you can’t protect yourself against the sun. It is still advisable to wear sunglasses. Get a brand new pair.

10. The thermal top is paired with a jean jacket, high-top Converse and jeans.

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Thermal top with jean jacket, high-top sneakers and a jean jacketvia

This look is perfect for a casual date, or a football match outdoors. Thermals were once considered only underwear. However, designers have now made them fashionable enough to wear out in public. This particular thermal top is a good example. How could you resist this look with a jean coat, high top sneakers, and tons of accessories?

11. Cardigan in stripes with “nature earrings”

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Cardigan in stripes with “nature” earringsvia

This is a great example of how little can go a long ways. If you were to look at only the jeans, shirt, and shoes, then the entire outfit would be a waste. outfit Wouldn’t it seem boring? The long, striped sweater makes it look very appealing. Try and finish the look with nature earrings such as those leaves at top.

12. Rose gold and pale pink accessories

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Pale pink with rose gold accessoriesvia

The color pale pink is a popular choice for brides. We’ve chosen this color because it is a beautiful alternative to winter white, which is also a popular color. If you choose rose gold jewelry over yellow or white, you will be able to attract a lot of attention.

13. Maroon and grey with white

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Maroon, gray and white/via

You’d have to agree, this color combination is rich and regal. Tri-tone colors are a delight. Maroons, greys and whites embody the joy of these three shades. Those maroon shoes are really nice. You’ll be asked “Where are those boots from?” if you happen to come across some. You can find them pretty much anywhere.

14. Desert sage cardigan paired with dark brown riding shoes

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Desert sage cardigan and dark brown riding boot/via

Desert sage, a color that is very popular right now. You can pick up an khaki cardigan or a pair of trousers if you are a fan. skinny jeans In this color. Your mom will try to copy your style with dark brown riding shoes and a neutral dark top.

15. Grey with pastel colors

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Grey with pastel Accessoriesvia

This is one of our favorites visually out of all the looks in this article. This pastel-colored scarf looks great against the gray “backdrop”. Don’t you think? This bracelet is also very nice. You’ll look “casually fine” if you pair up beaded hoop earrings.

16. Sweatshirt, ripped denim and fur booties

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Sweatshirt, jeans with tears and fur boots/via

Make sure you stay warm and comfortable when you plan to go shopping. This look is perfect for all three. We’re all for ripped jeans but we recommend wearing tights or leggings underneath. Do you also see that the fur booties are laced with thick laces, or even have ribbons? The details are what can change the look. Think about this when you’re choosing your accessories.

17. “Ugly Christmas sweaters” and UGGs

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
“Ugly Christmas sweaters” and UGGsvia

You still have UGGs from the previous year? Keep them. Combine them with your “Ugly Christmas Sweater”. If you wear the right leggings and skinny jeans, you can still be a fashion icon.

18. Grey top with red and silver accessories

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Grey top with red and silver accessories/via

Red is the color of Christmas. To avoid looking like you’re walking a Christmas tree, ditch the green and opt for grey and silver. (We love the black-and white stripe scarf, too.)

19. Hot pink and animal print scarf

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Hot pink with black and animal print scarf/via

Would you like to walk into a space and make a big impact? Hey, hot pink works every time! You can make this color appear less “little girlish” and more womanly by adding an animal-print scarf.

20. Two-toned layered look

20 Cute and Casual Wintertime Outfits
Two-toned layered appearance/via

Here’s an example of how to still look great with a lot of clothing on. Two-toned burgundy and dark black are one of the reasons. High heeled boots for the knees is another reason. If you find a knitted top that fits like the one shown in this photo, don’t miss it. It’s to die for!

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