20 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends

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There are many couples who choose to marry in the spring, summer (and even fall) or the fall. If you are the type of bride that has always wanted snowflakes to be the backdrop of your wedding or you want to get married during the holidays, it is understandable why you might choose a winter ceremony.

As you plan your wedding, it’s important to consider the following: You must. Have a gown on trend.

Here are our 20 favorite styles!

1. Long sleeves

Long Sleevesvia

Winter long sleeves is not a surprise. It’s a beautiful way to stay warm when it gets cold.

2. Feathers

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends

Feathers have a very fanciful appearance. This is the perfect option for brides who want to combine a traditional ball gown with a modern twist. It’s very “pretty” princess-like.

3. Lace

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends

Do you prefer vintage? How about a dress with either a lace overlay or a dress entirely made of lace?

4. Very pale pink

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
Very pale pink/via

Who said that brides are not beautiful? The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own language skills. Why not wear white? Pale pink looks so romantic. It’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day Wedding!

5. Plunging neckline

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
Plunging neckline/via

You want to give him a sneak peek of your sexiness, but you don’t want it to be obvious. If you want to achieve this, wear a wedding gown with a plunging cut.

6. Two-piece wedding dress

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
Two-piece wedding dress/via

This kind of dress might seem a bit “odd” for a winter wedding, but if you’re planning on having a destination wedding at a tropical location…suddenly it makes perfect sense, wouldn’t you say?

7. Cut outs

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
Cut outs/via

Cut outs allow you to look like a bride in blush with an added touch of sexiness.

8. Princess ballgown silhouette

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
Princess ballgown silhouettevia

You might be the kind of lady who has always loved traditional dresses but felt they were too overwhelming. If this is you, then look for dresses with a defined silhouette. They fit the body much better.

9. Metallics

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends

The metallic trend is a popular one in the fashion world. This one is our favorite because it combines white and gold in a unique and memorable way.

10. “Bridal pants”

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
“Bridal pants”/via

Not all brides are able to wear pants. If you are proud of your confidence and how you can strut around, you should at least try on a pair! You never know…

11. Short wedding dress

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
Short wedding dress/via

You’ve probably heard of “the little black dress”, yes? It’s “the little black dress”. Perfect for an informal winter wedding.

12. Silver

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends

Silver is another option to consider. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle with a silver dress, among Christmas trees that have ornaments hanging on them. AMAZING.

13. High Neckline

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
High necklinevia

A high neckline may be a good option for the conservative bride or if you want to add sophistication.

14. Overlay

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends

Overlays are our favourite bridal look for so many reasons. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

15. Sheer fabric

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
Sheer fabric/via

This is a bold look. It’s always a risk to wear sheer fabric. Look at how stunning you will look if take the risk.

16. Blue

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends

What if you wanted to do something different with “something Blue”?

17. Watercolors

20 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends

If you have always wanted to include a pattern on your white wedding gown, watercolors can do it in an artistic and intricate way.

18. Bridal outerwear

18 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
Bridal outerwear/via

Winters can be quite chilly. Thankfully bridal outwear will be encouraged this winter. Fur (or faux-fur) stoles are especially popular.

19. Slip Style

20 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
Slip Stylevia

In the coming winter and spring, lingerie will be a big part of many outfits. One of these is the slipdress.

20. 3D wedding dress

20 Bridal Winter Wedding Trends
3D wedding dress/via

You are not alone if this dress is a real eye-catcher. A 3D wedding gown has so many details and dimensions. You can get one that looks exactly like this.

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