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Do you wish to decorate your own home? Do you want to become a clever housewife? Enjoy a good life? Answers are best kept to yourself. We will be sharing a list of 20 lifestyle blogs that make a real difference in your life. These blogs are filled with ideas on home décor, DIY projects, cooking, and other aspects of living. Stay here to read these useful blogs. Once you have read them, you will be hooked. Scroll down to enjoy.

Cupcakes with Cashimere

Cupcakes with Cashimere via

Emily, a chic woman in a hat, is the owner and founder of Cupcakes Cashmere. Emily is an accomplished photographer. She is also a great jewelry designer and a home stylist. You are mistaken if you think this is all she can do. You will be amazed at her culinary skills.

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project  via

Gretchen is The Happiness Project’s owner. If you want to work on being happy, Gretchen’s blog will be quite helpful.  After reading her blogs, you will have a different perspective on the world.

Positively Present

Positively Present  via

Modern society is a world where nearly everyone is chasing fame and fortune. People are always eager to succeed and win. But love, happiness and perseverance is more important to us. The blog will inspire you to live a positive lifestyle. Everybody needs it if they feel confused and depressed in life.

Ragamuffin Soul

Ragamuffin Soul  via

Ragamuffin Soul by Carlos Whittaker is a cool blog. His blog is a collection of inspirational messages, books, music and events. There are also many nice photos. After reading his blog, you may find yourself influenced.

Young House Love

Young House Love  via

Young House Love will make you jealous. Even though they may be the same as you, most people, including myself, haven’t achieved what they have. They inspire people to create beautiful homes or do DIY. Here you can find some great design inspirations.

Mademoiselle Robot

Mademoiselle Robot  via

Leticia is Mademoiselle incarnate. The Parisian girl has made London her home. Leticia’s Blog is full of fashion, city guides and beauty tips. Apart from this, she sets apart a section where people can see the homes of some creative people. It’s a really rich blog.


Design*Sponge via

You can find inspiration every day on this blog. This blog offers great ideas for re-designing furniture or sprucing up unsightly parts of your house. You can also bake and cook something special for your loved ones. If you check it out, you will be blown away.

Coco + Kelley

Coco + Kelley via

Cassandra’s blog is a wonderful lifestyle blog. As the owner, she gets the chance to work for the Homedepartment. You will find great tips on fashion and home décor as you read Cassandra’s blog.

It’s Overflowing

It’s Overflowing via

This blog is for those whose lives revolve around home or house. Aimee is the blogger behind this blog. She has gathered many tips that will make your life even more enjoyable. In her blog,  there are numerous scrumptious recipes and interesting DIY stuffs as well as home decor ideas. Her sharing of ideas is easy and useful for every housewife.

The Selby

The Selby via

The Selby should be your first stop if you are a Fashionista who wants to know more about the latest fashion trends. Todd Selby, the blogger behind this blog, is responsible for it. Todd Selby will show you the world of fashion through pictures of people dressed in various outfits and places.  You won’t have to worry about what to wear after seeing these pictures.

A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo via

A Cup of Jo, a blog that is loved by mothers around the globe, has a lot to offer. Joanna Goddard is the author and she will give you lots of great ideas for beautifying your life. You can, for example, learn how to enhance your hair, decorate your home, or cook. Her captivating way of expressing herself will make you want to come back and learn more.

Nutshells in Nutshells

Nutshells in Nutshells via

What a wonderful name, A Nut In A Nutshell! It’s a fantastic lifestyle blog that covers diverse topics, suchas  home, food, travel, family life and entertainment. This blog contains all the information you’ll need to live a normal life. This blog is all about lifestyle.


Cakies via

Cakies will be of interest to people who live their lives mainly around food and cooking. This blog’s owner is a mom and will share some easy-to-follow recipes. Her blog also contains many DIY ideas. Cakies will not let you down, if you are looking for something useful.


PSFK via

PSFK can be compared to a great magazine. This lifestyle blog includes the latest news on a variety of topics such as trends, events and creative ideas. This blog has great pictures and graphics that make it fun to look at and read.

Food Coma

Food Coma via

If you are an enthusiastic addict to cooking, this is an ideal blog for you. Emma, who is the author of this blog, always provides you some wonderful cooking advice, delicious recipes as well as something special in her blog.

Katie’s pencil box

Katie’s pencil box via

People like to look at other people’s lives through social networks. This blog is mostly about fantastic photography that can give you new ideas. Reading about the lives of others is also an interesting way to spend your spare time. You might be inspired by the different lifestyles that other people lead.

Amy Antoinette

Amy Antoinette  via

This blog will help you become a smart and trendy mom. This blogger offers a lot of great advice about how to use and choose baby equipment, as well as other useful tips for moms. After reading these useful tips, you will be hooked on her blog.

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