This spring, 20 adorable ways to wear the “Plats Trend”

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Spring outfit ideas

You’re a girl who likes to be the “it” girl. Fashion trendsThis article is a must-read. This article will show you how to wear one of the hottest looks of spring: Pleats.

If the word “skirts” makes you think of old ladies’ skirts or schoolgirl uniforms, it is not a good choice. Even more reasons to be thankful Listen to us. You’ll see that there are many fun, stylish and youthful ways of wearing pleats. It’s important to keep an open-minded mind.

1. Sleeveless pleated Top and Jeans

Sleeveless pleated shirt and jeansvia

It’s all about the details when it comes down to high fashion. This is true even for casual looks. This sleeveless blouse is made to stand out by the print and pleats. Accessories like the chocolate straw bag or ballet slippers make this outfit stand out.

2. Black top with pleated nude skirt

Black top with pleated Nude Flare Skirt/via

This outfit is in nude, a color you will see a lot of this spring. A nude pleated skirt and a black top are two neutral pieces that are divine together—for work or for play.

3. Solid pleated Tulle Skirt, Tank and Striped Blazer

Solid pleated Tulle Skirt, Tank and Striped Blazer/via

Polyvore outfit ideasPleated tulle skirts are the best way to wear pleats. This look is pretty much perfect, although we’d probably switch out the stripes with a floral blazer for a wedding. This look is pretty close to perfection.

4. Cardigan and dress with pleated sleeves

Dress and cardigan with pleated sleeveless dresses/via

It’s like a Banana Republic dress or an Ann Taylor dress. The good news is that since pleats have been in style for a while, these are two stores you can visit to find a similar dress. Accessorizing a dress in this color is a breeze.

5. White blouse with printed pleated skirt

20 Adorable Way to Wear the 'Pleats Trend' This Spring
White blouse with printed pleated skirtvia

“Boho peasant”. This look makes us think of “Boho peasant”. If you want your body to be more defined, you can add a wide belt. We still consider it “feature-worthy”, because the pleats (in the skirt), and the prints work well together.

6. Cotton shirt with pleated silk skirt

Striped cotton top and pleated silk skirtvia

This pleated dress wouldn’t be considered casual without a striped t-shirt. It’s great for shopping at the mall. More pleated clothes are available.

7. T-shirt with pleated leather miniskirt

20 Adorable Way to Wear the 'Pleats Trend' This Spring
T-shirt and pleated mini leather skirt/via

Shop for a mini skirt with Polyvore’s outfit ideas for the spring. You can find a leather pleated mini skirt online. Wear it with a plain tank top or a graphic tank. Choose high-top or suede sneakers, such as the ones in this photo. You can wear the gold chain however you like.

8. Dress with cutouts in pleats, and matching pumps

Cutout dress with pleats and pumpsvia

SO MUCH IS RIGHT ABOUT THIS DRESS. The halter on the top. The three colours in the pleated skirt. The cutouts that are in between. There’s not one wrong thing that we can—or will ever—say about this dress. From winter to spring, you can wear it.

9. Solid midi top with printed pleated skirt

Solid midi-top and pleated skirt/via

It’s adorable to wear a short, pleated mini-skirt. The most adorable thing ever. This skirt looks like it has pockets, which makes it cuter and trendier.

10. Denim jacket, denim jacket with pleated maxi skirt and tank top

Denim jacket, denim jacket with pleated maxi skirt and tank topvia

You should get a maxi skirt with pleats if you haven’t yet. Pleats can help your maxi dress look more interesting if you prefer solids to patterns.

11. Pleated haltertop, blazer and denim

Pleated halter top with blazer and jeansvia

Blue and cream. YES! No matter what form this outfit came in, we’d be all over it…quite frankly! If the weather is not warm enough for a plated top, (isn’t this ?!?) Throw the cream blazer over it. If you are dressing up, go with flare jeans. Go with skinny jeans if you’re dressing…”down”.

12. Pleated skirts, button-down blouses and heels

Pleated skirt with a button-down shirt and heelsvia

Different shades of violet. What a stunning look for virtually any skin tone! “The pleated effect” is created by the gathering of this skirt at the waist. A colorful clutch and strappy heels are two items that you can keep wearing over and again. No pleats?

13. Dresses and sandals with pleated straps

The pleated sandals/via

You don’t have to wear anything else if you’re wearing an all-solid color strapless pleated gown. You could even wear this dress barefoot Still, Be off the charts! But we know that you probably like to add some flare to your look, some beaded sandals, some (costume) gemstone earrings and a denim jacket—all of your friends will envy you.

14. Printed sleeveless blouse and white skinny pants

20 Adorable Way to Wear the 'Pleats Trend' This Spring
Printed sleeveless blouse and white skinny pants/via

Outfit ideas for 2016. Polka dots will always be a popular choice for clothing. You won’t see a polka dot pleated top in mint green and black (and/or white) every day. We are fashion critics and we do it all the time, but we have to admit that at first we wouldn’t even have thought about accessorizing nude. But the more we look, the more we like it.

15. Dress with pleated sleeves and low-top shoes

Low-top sneakers and a pleated sleeveless dress/via

This sleeveless dress with pleats is a great example of a dress which might be a little too conservative for you, but can look amazing when paired with the right accessories. Low-tops may not be the most common addition to a dress, but we love them for that reason. Style is sometimes about surprising people; it’s about being unexpected.

16. Strapless gathered dress (pleated dress) and matching heels

20 Adorable Way to Wear the 'Pleats Trend' This Spring
Dress with matching heels and a strapless dress with pleated (gathered) skirt.via

A unique way to use pleats is by gathering them at the top of the dress. Red symbolizes love, seduction and adventure—the perfect message for a dinner date with that special someone. Red patent leather pumps are sexy and fun and eyeglasses with red frames are an accessory you’ll be glad that you have in your possession…many years from now.

17. Sheer top with lace bra, pleated flare skirt

Sheer top with lace bra, pleated flare skirt/via

It might seem strange to pair a heather gray cotton or knit skirt with a sheer silkscreen top and silkscreen skirt, simply because they are different materials. Clearly, this is not the case. Here’s our favorite of the outfits in this list. If you don’t want to wear the lace bra you can put on a solid one, or a tanktop.

18. Graphic shirt and pleated Leather Skirt

Graphic shirt and pleated Leather Skirt/via

The following are some outfits for women that you can create using Polyvore: It could be a pleated satin skirt, but we’ve decided to make it leather based on our imagination. Why would you not do anything to find a pleated black leather skirt? It would look great with a graphic t-shirt.

19. T-shirt with pleated skirt, patent leather flats and flats

20 Adorable Way to Wear the 'Pleats Trend' This Spring
T-shirt with pleated skirt, patent leather flats and patent leather flats/via

Casual Polyvore outfit ideas: If you look really closely at the top, the T-shirt even has minor pleating to it—around the neckline. It goes perfectly with the three-toned pleated skirt. This outfit is a great example of how colors can make a big difference in style. This outfit is like three scoops of sorbet in a cup.

20. Pleated skirt with dressy tank and light Denim Jacket

20 Adorable Way to Wear the 'Pleats Trend' This Spring
Pleated skirt with dressy tank and light-denim jacket/via

Are you the kind of girl that wears denim almost every day. How to rock denim with a dressy ensemble. The light blue denim looks so fancy with the light pink lace top and cream tulle.

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