The Best Mint Nail Designs to Wear this Summer

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Mint nails are perfect for warm days. The mint nails have become more popular as summer approaches. In this article, we will show you how to decorate mint nails in 17 different ways. Find the designs that you like.

How could you go through the whole summer without giving mint nails a try? Check out these 18 mint nail art designs. Try the designs that you like.

Ombre Mint Nail Design

Ombre Mint Nail Design /via

This ombre mint nail design is quite suitable for summer. Cold tone nails can calm you when you feel crabby during hot days.

Mint Nails with hearts

Mint Nail
Mint Nails with hearts /via

This nail design is made more vibrant and fun by the simple hearts. This is a great manicure for young girls.

Mint French Nail Design

Mint Nail
Mint French Nail Design /via

French nail designs always look elegant. In summer, you can also do a mint French nail design. This is an elegant and stylish option for any woman.

Lovely Mint Nail Designs

Mint Nail
Lovely Mint Design Nail Art /via

For beginners, the dotted nail design is the easiest one to do at home. This picture shows how mint and white work well together.

Mint Nail Art for Prom

Mint Nail
Mint Nail Art for Promvia

To show off your style, you’ll need to have a decent yet eye-catching nail design for the prom. This is the one you should try.

Mint Nail Ornament with Flake

Mint Nail
Mint Nail Ornament with Flake /via

This pale mint nail design looks rather pretty and the flake adornment keeps this nail design from being too plain. This nail art is perfect for women who like simple nails.

Golden and Mint Nail Designs

Mint Nail
Golden and Mint Design Nail Designvia

When you use a golden nail polish along with the mint nail polish, it looks much more stylish. This stylish nail design can be used for any important occasion.

Pretty Mint Nail Designs for Holiday

Mint Nail
Pretty Mint Nail Designs for Holidaysvia

When a holiday arrives, you need a pretty manicure to spice it up. This is the perfect time to choose nails with bright, bold colors. This mint nail design, for example, is perfect to try during your holiday.

Gorgeous Mint Nails For Summer

Mint Nail
Enjoy the Summer with Mint Nailsvia

This nail design has a wonderful carving effect, as the white patterns are revealed. A delicate nail art design like this is ideal for sophisticated ladies to copy.

Anchor Mint Nail Design

Mint Nail
Anchor Mint Nail Designs /via

Anchors and stripes are great choices for younger fashionistas. The glitter nails also add a fashion touch to the look.

Mint Nail Design with Studs

Mint Nail
Mint Nail Design With Studsvia

You can decorate your mint nails by adding metallic studs or applying golden glitter nail varnish to one of them.

The Sexy Mint Design

Mint Nail
Sexy Mint Design Nail Artvia

The combination of black, gold and mint glitter nails looks amazing. The slihouette nails also make this nail design more stylish. This nail design is perfect for a night on the town.

Simple yet Stylish Mint nail design

Mint Nail
Simple Yet Stylish Mint Nail Desgin/via

The single dot at the end of each nail makes this a simple mint nail design. This gorgeous nail design will suit all women, and any occasion.

Glitter Mint for Summer Nail Art

Mint Nail
Glitter mint nail art for Summer/via

This mint nail design is perfect for proms or parties.

Mint Silhoutte Nail Design

Mint Nail
Mint Silhoutte Nail Design /via

Another mint-and-silver nail design. Tapering nails can make nails appear longer and slimmer.

Mint Silhoutte NAILS with Plum Flowers

Mint Nail
Mint Silhoutte nails with Plum Flowersvia

This mint nail art looks stunning for weddings or other special occasions. It features rhinestones in bright colors and plum flowers.

Lovely Mint Nail Designs

Mint Nail
Lovely Mint Design Nail Art /via

This nail design looks great because it has mint and white strips, tiny dots, and mint glitter polish. This nail design is suitable for any everyday situation.

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