17 Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls

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The bedroom is the place where people should feel most comfortable. Your bedroom will make you feel more comfortable and you’ll enjoy the sleep or time spent there. You can decorate the room of a teenage girl with all kinds of pretty colors. Such as pink, blue, mint and purple…

This post will share 17 bedroom designs that are perfect for teenage girls. Some of these are stylish ideas that young women can copy to decorate their own bedrooms. Keep on reading to see these beautiful designs. You may find some stunning inspirations the next time you want to decorate your bedroom.

Cozy Bedroom Design for Teenage Girls

Cozy Bedroom Design for Teenage Girls/via

Coral curtains and pillows give this room a cozy feel. A round mirror with a beautiful crystal chandelier will instantly upgrade this tiny space.

Bright Girl Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Bright Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideavia

Bright and spacious This mint and white bedroom design is great for quiet girls.

Pink Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Pink Bedroom Designs for Girls.via

Pink is the color of choice for most teenage girls. The floral prints make this pink room design even more stunning.

Peaceful Lavender Girl Bedroom Design

Peaceful Lavender Girl Bedroom Design /via

You can turn your bedroom lavender if purple is your favorite color. Besides, toys and furniture in white will brighten up your room.

Purple and Gray Bedroom Design

Purple and Grey Bedroom Designvia

You can decorate the room with your favorite colors even if it isn’t very big. You can use purple and gray to create a comfortable bedroom.

Blue and White Bedroom Design

Blue and white bedroom design /via

This bedroom is perfect for teenage girls. This bed can save space in your bedroom and still keep it stylish.

Navy Style Bedroom Design

Navy Style Bedroom Design /via

The navy-colored bedroom will appeal to girls that don’t enjoy pastel rooms. It is a very chic and clean bedroom for teenagers and adults.

Princess Bedroom Design Ideas for Girls

The Stylish Princess Bedroom for Girlsvia

The hot pink curtains, the pastel pink walls and ceiling, along with the zebra-print rug make this bedroom a super stylish space for girl. This chic bedroom will make you feel like a princess.

Fairy Bedroom Designs for Girls

Fairy Bedroom Design For Girlsvia

If you’re looking for a soft, lovely bedroom design, then this fairy bedroom is the perfect option.

Romantic Pink Room Design

Romantic Pink Bedroom Designs /via

The pink bedroom looks even more romantic when you add flowers to the bedside cabinet and pictures of literature on the wall.

Red and White Bedroom Decor Idea

Red and White Bedroom Decor Ideavia

Teenage girls need a room full of stories. You can paint a beautiful picture and display all of the toys you have collected from childhood.

The Large Teenage Girl Bedroom Design

Large-Space Teenage Girl Bedroom Designs /via

It’s a girly bedroom with the pink coach and Hello Kitty cushions. The chandelier is also a great addition.

Cartoon Bedroom Designs for Girls

Cartoon Bedroom Design for Girl / via

This green cartoon design for a bedroom is full of energy. This green cartoon bedroom is sure to be popular with little girls.

Bedroom Designs for Teenage Girls.

Artistic Bedroom Designs for Teenage Girlsvia

This bedroom design looks quite artsy. This roman iron bed is available for girls. She must be in love with it.

Warm Bedroom Design Ideas for Teenage Girls

Warm Bedroom Design For Teenage Girlsvia

Wooden bed, wooden desk and wooden chair! All of these pieces are wonderful and complete this beautiful room. This is a really warm bedroom where teenage girls can grow up.

Amazing Bedroom Designs for Girls

Amazing Bedroom Designs for Girlsvia

Some girls may grow out of their childish colors and patterns. It’s now time to use these elegant colors and paintings in their bedroom.

Beautiful Bedroom Designs for Girl

Pretty Bedroom Designs for Girlsvia

Add some creative ideas to a small bedroom and it can look very nice.


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