You can try these 16 fashionable makeup tutorials this summer

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Makeup addicts will feel more confident when they wear a fashionable makeup. You can add some trendy colors to your makeup when summer arrives. In summer, purple eye makeup is a great option. The bronze eye makeup can be used for any occasion.

Today’s post will show you 16 fashion-forward makeup tutorials. These are all great summer looks. Because you can have a fashionable look all summer long with these beautiful makeup looks. You can now check out the tutorials to learn more. So, you can create a flawless makeup by yourself!

How to make your lipstick last longer

How to make your lipstick last longer /via

This is a trick to prolong the life of your lipstick. You will avoid embarrassing moments.

Professionable Lipstick Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial
Professionable Lipstick Makeup Tutorial /via

Want to make those lips stand out? You can create a professional lipstick look by following this tutorial.

Ombre Lips Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial
Ombre Lips Makeup Tutorial /via

This image shows how to achieve a perfect ombre lipstick.

Fashionable Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Fashionable Makeup Tutorials to Try in Summer
Fashionable Bridal Makeup Tutorial /via

This easy brown eye make-up is a great idea to use on your wedding day.

Chic Summer Makeup Idea

Fashionable Makeup Tutorials to Try in Summer
Chic Summer Makeup Ideavia

The brown eye makeup is a great choice for women of all ages. It is an elegant makeup look suitable for any occasion.

Pretty Eye Makeup Video

Makeup Tutorial
Pretty Eye Makeup Tutorial/via

Light blue and purple eyeshadows make blue eyes more clear and attractive.

Charming Eye Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial
Charming Eye Makeup Tutorial /via

If you are a mature woman, you can use this idea to create a blue-purple eye makeup.

Fashionable Cat-Eye Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial
Fashionable Cat-Eye Makeup Tutorial /via

Women can easily copy this shimmer cat-eye make-up. It is an excellent choice for a stylish night-out look.

Pink Smoky Eye Makeup: Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial
Pink Smoky Makeup Tutorialvia

When you’re not sure how to prepare yourself for a date, this pink smoky-eye makeup can help. It’s simple yet quite stylish.

How to Make Purple Eyes?

Makeup Tutorial
Chic Purple Eyes Makeup Tutorialvia

To create a stylish purple eye makeup, highlight the corners and ends of your eyes using blue shimmer.

Purple Smoky Makeup Video

Makeup Tutorial
Purple Smoky Makeup / Tutorialvia

This purple smoky-eye makeup is perfect for any important event.

Violet Eye Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial
Violet Eye Makeup Tutorial /via

Violet eye makeup makes your eyes look more profound. It is also a great choice for older women who want to look more sophisticated.

Stylish Eye Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial
Stylish Eye Makeup Tutorial /via

While it’s a little coxcombical in style, this cat-eye makeup looks great for proms or holidays. Plus, it can make the eyes look larger.

Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial
Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial /via

Bronze eye makeup can be worn by all women for any occasion. Add dark purple eyeshadow to your bronze eye make-up to make it more feminine.

Retro-Chic Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial
Retro-Chic Eyes Makeup Tutorialvia

The bronze eyeshadow can be used for a retro chic look. This makeup is perfect for special occasions.

Shimmer Eye Makeup: Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial
Learn how to make shimmering eye makeup.via

This shimmery eye makeup will make you happy. This eye makeup is a great look for young women.


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