16 Fashionable DIY Heels makeover

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We love heels. These DIY heel ideas are great for inspiration and practical ideas to help you with your own shoe makeover project. These projects transform plain high-heeled shoes into something beautiful!

The tutorials use commonly found materials and simple techniques – who would have thought to add a colorful sole to a plain worn shoe with some brilliant brightly colored nail polish. Use magazine collages, rhinestones, or fabric scraps to make a statement. Why should shoes be an afterthought when you can make them a focal point of your outfit? Why not design a pair high heels that are a fashion statement?

Pretty Heels Ideas /Source

We love how easy some of these projects are – with very few materials and just a little time, you can completely change the way a pair of heels looks and have a fabulous pair of designer inspired shoes that are simply stunning.

If you have ever fancied yourself as a shoe designer, if you look longingly at the latest designs from the world’s biggest and most expensive designer brands or if you have a closet full of heels and yet still feel like you have ‘no shoes’… then this collection of tutorials is perfect for you. You can swap shoes with friends or create new designs together to give old shoes a new lease of life. Re-design your old, high-heeled heels for a cheaper, easier and more eco-friendly alternative. You can also pick up an inexpensive, plain pair of shoes in a sales and be creative. Your feet will be a talking point!

White lace heels of a color /Source
White lace of a color heel - DIY Heels IdeasSource
DIY Heels Idea
Heels Idea

Sparkly Red Shoes /Source
Sparkly Red Shoes: DIY Heels Ideas
Grab the fabric glue and grab your old clothes! /Source
Old clothes and grab the fabric glue! - DIY Heels Ideas
Add straps and chains to your stilettos with these cute ideas! /Source
Some cute ideas for adding chains and adding straps to stilettos!
BLUE (I Do) Wedding Shoe Rhinestone Applique – DIY Heels Ideas /Source
BLUE (I Do) Wedding Shoe Rhinestone Applique - DIY Heels Ideas
DIY Red Heels for wedding Shoes /Source
DIY Red Heels for Wedding Shoes
DIY Fabric-covered Heels /Source
DIY Fabric Covered HeelsSource
DIY heels Ideas
DIY Heels Ideas
Great idea to restyle old shoes & add a little color!! /Source
Great idea to restyle old shoes & add a little color!!
DIY Heels /Source
DIY Heels
Rhinestones adorn a pair blue stilettos /Source
Rhinestones on a pair of blue stilettos
Customized Wedding Shoes /Source
Personalized Wedding Shoes

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