Watercolor Tattoo Designs For Women

Xiomara X

Tattoos are becoming more popular among women. Nowadays, getting a tattoo is not viewed as a sign of a bad woman. It is better to get a tattoo that shows your fashion sense. Watercolor tattoos can be more vibrant and colorful than traditional tattoos. They also give your tattoo a more attractive look. Many women are interested in them.

We have gathered 16 stunning watercolor tattoos for trendy women in this post. There are feminine tattoos with flowers, trendy designs in tiny sizes and larger watercolor tattoos that look so sexy. Try these gorgeous designs for a more unique tattoo. Check them out by scrolling down.

Beautiful Rose Tattoo Designs

Beautiful Rose Tattoo Designs /via

How beautiful you will be to others when you reach out and place a pretty flower on your wrist!

Pretty Flower Tattoos For Women

Pretty Flower Tattoos For Womenvia

This watercolor floral tattoo design is for artistic women.

Tiny Blue Heart Tattoo Designs

Tiny Blue Heart Tattoo Design /via Instagram / tattooist_banul

Tiny designs are quite popular nowadays. This is a beautiful design for a young woman to try.

Faddish Wrist tattoo Design

Faddish Wrist Tattoo Design /via Instagram / javiwolfink

This wrist tattoo of a flower is a popular choice for women. The red flower tattoo is also a great alternative to a bracelet.

Cherry BlossomTattoo Design

Cherry BlossomTattoo Designvia

This design will make your back look like a work of art. Women will find it quite attractive.

Pretty Watercolor Tattoo Design

Pretty Watercolor Tattoo Designs /via Instagram/ ilwolhongdam

The blue and purple flowers in this tattoo look so beautiful. This elegant yet simple tattoo design is a great way to update your look.

Watercolor Tattoos For Women

Magdalena_bujak / Instagram / Fashionable Watercolor tattoo for Women

When used as tattoo designs, the vibrant flowers are very stylish and special. This is a great choice for women who are edgy.

Chic Watercolor Design Tattoo

Chic Watercolor tattoo design /via Instagram/ Karthikbengre

This tattoo is perfect for women who are looking to be trendy. This tattoo is also great for lovers.

Birds Tattoo Design

Birds Tattoo Design (via Pinterest)

Women who do not like big tattoos will love the watercolor birds design. These tiny tattoos will spice up your look when you are on holiday at the beach.

Pink Watercolor Tattoo Design

Pink Watercolor Tattoo Design /via Instagram / pissaro_tattoo

Pink is a color that most women love. These pink watercolor flower tattoos are great if you like pink and want to get a bold design.

Cute Watercolor Tattoo Design

Cute Watercolor Tattoo Design /via Instagram / littlemissjesstattoos

The Micky Mouse tattoo is a cute and fun design for fans of cartoons.

Trendy Tattoo Designs

The most fashionable tattoo designs /via Instagram/ rodrigotas

It’s a brilliant tattoo design. This simple but stylish design shows a boat sailing on a blue sea. Try this design out with your closest friends.

Colorful Tree Tattoo Designs

Colorful Tree Tattoo Designs /via Instagram/ tattooist_banul

The vibrant tree symbolizes life and energy. This is a great choice for a tattoo that will give you positive energy.

Love Cat Tattoo Idea

Love Cat Tattoo Idea via Instagram/kozubskaola

This gorgeous cat watercolor design is magical and mysterious. It’s quite suitable for sexy ladies. Ask your tattoo artist to shrink the size of the design so that it looks more delicate.

Floral Watercolor Tattoo Design

Floral Watercolor Tattoo Design /via Instagram / michelabottin

The wartercolor flowers are not only beautiful but also fashionable. If you like large, beautiful tattoos, this is the design for you.

Cute Bird Tattoo Designs

Cute Bird Tattoo Design (via Pinterest.com)

The colors of this bird tattoo are stunning. This is a very cute design and you’ll be admired for it if you have one.


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