These 15 simple yet stunning hairstyle tutorials are perfect for the lazy woman

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The modern society is always in a hurry. We all want to be beautiful, but don’t like spending time on our hair. It’s not true. This post will show you 15 stylish yet simple hairstyles. These tutorials can save you a lot of time while also presenting a gorgeous hairstyle.

This article is for women that don’t know the best way to style their hair and don’t want to spend too much time on it. Scroll down to see 15 easy hairstyles. You will love them all. Choose a few and try them out. Enjoy!

Just Twisted Top Knot – Hairstyle

Simply Twisted Top Knot – Hairstyle via

Part the ponytail after a high ponytail. Twist and twist. Secure the bun by using a bobbypin and hair spray. Cool! Your hairstyle is stylish and perfect for the day.

Ten-second Top Knot Tutorial

Ten-second Top Knot Tutorial via

It’s the same thing I do every time. It’s easy. You will need hairspray to correct the style. It can look more stylish if you make it a little looser and messier.

Faux Fishtail Braid Tutorial

15 Simple Yet Stunning Hairstyle Tutorials for Lazy Women
Faux Fishtail Braid Tutorial via

You can try this fake fishtail style if you are like me and admire fishtail braids. It much simpler than the fishtail yet the gorgeous as the real one.

This tutorial will show you how to create a stunning low ponytail.

This tutorial will show you how to create a stunning low ponytail.  via

Ponytails can be made with long straight hair. This ponytail was inspired by runway looks. It’s perfect for women who have thick hair.

Perfect Ponytail Tutorail

Perfect Ponytail Tutorail  via

This is a perfect ponytail for hair that’s thin. This bouffant can add volume to your hair.

Twist Back Hairstyle Tutorial

Twist Back Hairstyle Tutorial  via

You can easily try this hairstyle. You can make the twist tighter or looser depending on your preferences. You can fix the hair strands with elastic bands or bobbypins. This is great for any occasion.

Cute Topknot Tutorial

Cute Topknot Tutorial  via

This cute top knot is perfect for the gym. It only takes a minute to create this hairstyle. You can try it.

Easy Twisted Bun Tutorial

Easy Twisted Bun Tutorial  via

You will find that the tutorial makes it easy to make.

Tutorial: Beautiful Side-swept Braid

Tutorial: Beautiful Side-swept Braid via

This long braide is so beautiful. Make two braids from both sides and then combine them together into a side-swept long braid. This hairstyle is perfect for all important occasions.

Easy Chignon Tutorial

Easy Chignon Tutorial  via

It is easy to achieve a stylish hairstyle. You may only need one or two minutes to get ready for an evening out.

Stylish Messy Bun Tutorial

Stylish Messy Bun Tutorial  via

You can try this messy bun style with hair up to shoulder length. Although it requires some skills to secure the style, you can achieve it more quickly as you practice more.

The Messy Top Knot Video

The Messy Top Knot Video  via

You can also try it on a date or if you’re going away. This effortless style will make you look younger by several years.

Romantic Twisted Low Buns: Tutorial

Romantic Twisted Low Buns Tutorial  via

This low bun with a twist is quite romantic. Hair is styled with a floral pattern. This hairstyle is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Two-Minute Low Bun Tutorial

Two-Minute Low Bun Tutorial  via

This stylish low bun is said to take only 2 minutes. Try it to see if this is true.

The Bouffant Bun Tutorial

The Bouffant Bun Tutorial  via

Once I saw this hairstyle on someone and thought it was very complicated. This is a hairstyle that you can use to achieve a retro chic look.

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