15 Fashionable Tattoos for Women

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People are more open-minded about tattoos as celebrities continue to get them. Tattoos aren’t just for rebellious bad girls. All women are able to choose their favorite patterns and get a specific tattoo.

Fashionable Tattoo Designs for Women


Fashionable Tattoo Designs for Women via

As time passes and more women get tattoos, beautiful designs are created to suit the tastes of all different types of women. Tattoos don’t have to be edgy and full of confusing patterns. They can be as breathtaking as a painting of a landscape. The tattoos of genius can also be used as a special mark or to represent something meaningful for women.

We will share with you some stylish and beautiful tattoos for ladies. They’re quite stylish and beautiful for women that want to try out the tattoo trend, but do not want to look uncanny. Who said good girls can’t have a tattoo. You will love these feminine tattoos. If you’ve found someone you love, try it. Enjoy!

3D Butterfly Tattoo

This stunning 3D butterfly will make you the sexiest female in the entire world.

Fashionable Tattoos
3D Butterfly Tattoos – Fashionable and Elegant via

Attractive Black Lace Bow tattoos

Pretty girls will love these cute lace bow tattoos. A realistic bow is a beautiful accessory for a backless gown.

Fashionable Tattoos
Attractive Black Lace Bow tattoos via

Black Lace Bow With Red Rose Tattoo

The black lace bow shows that you’re still a young girl, but you want to show others how passionate you are about love.

Fashionable Tattoos
Black Lace Bow With Red Rose Tattoo via

Fairy 3D Butterfly tattoo

Have you thought about getting tattooed on your neck before? This 3D fairy butterfly tattoo looks so pretty and makes you feel as though you’re being kissed.

Fashionable Tattoos
Fairy 3D Butterfly tattoo via

Pretty Baby Blue Ribbon Bow

Women who are fashionable love the thigh-high tattoos. The tattoo is full of sexual illusions and allure. The ribbon bow adds a cute touch to the tattoo, making it suitable for younger girls.

Fashionable Tattoos
Pretty Baby Blue Ribbon Bow via

Realistic Rose Tattoo

This tattoo is perfect for women who are beautiful and want to warn bad guys about my spiney branch, even though I am quite pretty.

Fashionable Tattoos
Realistic Rose Tattoo via

Lovely Red Bows Ankle Tattoo

The red bow anklet tattoos that younger women can try are very creative.

Fashionable Tattoos
Lovely Red Bows Ankle Tattoo via

Chic Portrait Rose Tattoo

It is a rose portrait for me and you. This is a portrait rose for you and me. You like this tattoo idea?

Fashionable Tattoos
Chic Portrait Rose Tattoo via

Mysterious Butterfly Tattoo

This is a very stylish tattoo design.

Fashionable Tattoos
Mysterious Butterfly Tattoo via

Stunning Tattoo Design

Choose a design that you will only care about. It is only you who can understand the meaning.

Fashionable Tattoos
2015 Stunning Tattoo Design via

Pretty Flower Tattoos on the Calf

Why not tattoo a floral design on your calf if you have long legs? You will not know how stylish you are until you have one.

Fashionable Tattoos
Pretty Flower Tattoos on the Calf via

Flower Wrist tattoo is a stylish wrist tattoo.

Women who want to get tattoos on their wrists should consider this option. Women can choose to get a beautiful flower tattoo.

Fashionable Tattoos
Flower Wrist tattoo is a stylish wrist tattoo. via

Romantic Floral Tattoos for Women

A realistic floral tattoo exudes romance and fashion. All women should try it.

Fashionable Tattoos
Fashionable Tattoos via

Cute and Chic Mountain tattoo

The chic of a cute mountain tattoo is easy. Do you think that’s true?

Fashionable Tattoos
Cute and Chic Mountain tattoo via

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