The anchor pattern is a great way to add some style to your nails this summer.

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You will not be surprised to learn that the nautical trend is a huge hit every summer. The nautical style is now everywhere. Women, for example, have almost all a nautical top or dress. We love nautical styles because they are cool and go with anything. The nautical elements such as anchors, stripes and blue can make women appear younger.

The nautical trend is very popular this summer. Why not apply it to your nails? We are going to share 15 easy chic nail designs using cool anchors in this post! Let’s get on the trend! You may choose to copy the beautiful ideas shown below, or simply get inspired. You can rock a nautical style manicure this summer. Scroll down and have fun!

White and blue anchor nail design via

White and blue are the most striking colors in nautical style. These colors are easy to wear and chic. You can make the manicure even more beautiful by adding some glitter and crystals to your nails.

Enjoy the latest Nail Art Designs for 2015.

Fashionistas can try this edgy nail design with the red anchors and white, blue and gold stripes!


Chic Anchor Nail Design 2015

You can make your nails look even more beautiful by choosing the right colors. The deep blue base paint makes the white anchor even more dazzling! If you want to be more stylish, add a glittery golden nail.

nautical-nails-2 (1)

Lovely Nautical Nail Design

The Navy is everything!

marine nail art  3

Anchor Nail Art Stunning for 2015

Simple, but stylish! I can’t stop trying it out!

1natical - Copyγρ

Stylish Summer Nail Design Anchor Patten

This stylish nail art will not be rejected by anyone. This is a great nail design for girls to have fun with!


Cute Anchor Nail Art for Summer via

Anchors, dots, stripes and chains! Patterns and colors are cute and fun!


Nautical Nail Design Featuring Golden Anchor

Simple nails have been made more interesting by adding golden sequins. And  the metallic anchor is what turns this nail design eye-catching!



Fashion is not just a way of doing something. You can also create your own fashion style. Why not show off your own style and choose a different color? Anchor nails aren’t just for fashion. These nails are also adorable and stunning. Check out these beautiful anchor nail art designs! Check them out again!

Chic Floral Anchor Nail Design For 2015 via

Black background with colorful flowers looks sexy. And the floral anchor is much more attractive on a white backdrop. Perfect! I love it!It’s worth trying for all stylish women!


Black and Gold Anker Nail Design

Black and gold are timeless and easy to wear. It’s amazing when it is used to create the anchor nail art!


The Best Anchor Nail Designs for 2015

The pink is cute, but the addition of black and whit adds an air of fashion to the original sweet look.


Pink and Mint Anker Nail Design via

These lovely pastel nails tend to be more popular among younger girls. The golden glitter nail on this design prevents it from being too childish.


Nail Art with Bright Yellow, Blue and Nautical Theme via

These bright colors will relax and make everyone happy! Quite suitable for summer days!


Floral Anchor Nail Design

If stripes and dots don’t satisfy you, add some floral elements on your anchor nail. You can make it quite interesting!


The Design of Anchor Nails is a Very Interesting Idea

This is something you can do for fun.




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