Eye Shadow Tips: How to Get the Perfect Look

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Perfect eye shadow makeup is essential for an exquisite eye makeup. Not all women are able to do an eye makeup that is clean and even nice. You need to know some things if your eyeshadow looks fantastic.

Just stay here and you will see what they are. Stay here to see what they are. These tips will be very helpful. Scroll down and have fun!

No.1 The Correct Posture for Eye Makeup

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It is best to do eye makeup yourself.

No.2 Identify Your Eye Shape

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You need to know what shape your eyes are so that you use the best makeup skills to enhance your eyes.

No.3: How to Deal With Makeup Fallout

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You will always lose makeup. This is why you should know some tips to help solve the problem.

No.4 Setting Spray for Makeup

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Spray some setting spray first onto your lashes if you find that your mascra easily falls off. The setting spray will keep your mascra in place all day.

Know the makeup lingo

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You can find many makeup tutorials to follow. You may struggle to achieve the right makeup look if you are unfamiliar with the terms.

No.6 Know the Function of Each Shade of Your  Shadow Palette

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Use the palette shown here to create a professional look for your eye make-up.

Learn to Use Different Makeup Brushes

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You should be able to use brushes correctly if you want to apply makeup. They can then do their job to the best.

No. 7 Find the Best Eye Shadow for You

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You will be overwhelmed by the variety of eyeshadows available in cosmetics stores. It is important to understand the pros and cons of each type so you can use them appropriately. Click here:

Eye Shadow PressedThe most common and the easiest to use. They are easy to mix and won’t be messy.

Loose Eye ShadowsThey are the ones that contain the most pigments, but you should avoid using them because they can get messy.

Cream Eye ShadowsThese are the perfect base colors for eye make-up. These colors are beautiful when used as a solid base.

No.9 Primer

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Don’t forget to use primer if you want your eye make-up to last for longer.

No.9 White Eye Liners can Make Colors Strong

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You may want to draw the white eyeliners before applying the colored shadows if you like a colored eye make-up. This will make them stand out.

How to make up hooded eyes?

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It is a common problem for people with hooded or swollen eyes to be surprised by the lack of eye makeup when they open their eyes. Just draw a straight line with your eyes wide open, then apply your eyeshadow.

The No.11 Hashtag shape helps to make an “outer V”

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The outer V makes your eyes seem intense and filled with stories. You can draw a shape of a hashtag if you are unable to make one perfectly. You can use it.

No. 12 Create A Pretty Shape

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Makeup via

A quads palette can be used to create such a lovely look. Create defined shapes with well-blended colors to make your eyes look more attractive. Take a look at the tutorial to see how you can do it.

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Use an eye shadow pen to draw a defined outline and then apply the shadow.

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